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                 Print off this page.  Fill in the blanks from the Word List.  Bring the completed page to class.


thread take-up    spool pin    thread guide    tension control    bobbin winder    stitch width selector    needle    thread guide    presser foot lifter    reverse button    on/off switch    feed-dog    throat plate    bobbin case   bobbin

stitch length selector    light    foot pedal    hand wheel    presser foot


1. The_______________  __________________  ________________ lifts and lowers the presser foot.  Raise it to insert or remove fabric.  Lower it when ready to sew.

2. The _______________  ______________________  _____________________ adjusts the length of the stitch.

3. The _____________  ______________________  ______________________ changes a straight stitch to a zigzag stitch.

4. Turn the ______________  __________________ to raise and lower the needle to place it where you want.

5. The ________ -________  and the presser foot work together to move the fabric.

6. The _____________________  ______________________  adjusts the amount of pressure on the the thread as it goes through the machine.

7. The _____/______  _________________ turns the power on and off.

8. Press the___________________  ___________________ to sew backwards.

9. The _____________________  ___________________ directs the thread from the spool to the needle.

10. The _________________ holds the bobbin thread and fits into the bobbin case.

11. Press the ____________  ___________________ to make the sewing machine go and to control speed.

12. The________________ shines on the sewing area so you can see the needle and thread better.

13. The _________________  _________________________ has openings for the needle and the feed-dog.

14. The _________________  ___________ holds the spool of thread in place.

15. The ___________________  _____________________ holds the bobbin when winding thread onto it.

16. The _____________________  _______________ and the feed-dog work together to move the fabric.

17. The _____________________  ______________ - ________ keeps the tension on the thread.  Start and stop with this lever in its highest position.

18. The ___________________________ carries the thread through the fabric and joins it with the bobbin thread.

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